Beautiful Custom Portrait

Beautiful Custom Portrait

IMPORTANT UPDATE!: As you may have heard, there have been some issues with the post office lately. This has made shipments occasionally late. Unfortunately, there's nothing I can do on my end to make them go faster. It's just the cost of running a small online business through the USPS right now. If your package is late, or hung up at a particular stop on the tracking route, please be patient and it will get to you eventually! Thank you!

Have you ever wanted a custom portrait of yourself or a loved one? Perhaps of a favorite actor, musician, or sports figure? How about a beloved pet? Well, now is the perfect time to purchase a unique, one of a kind portrait drawn for you by a professional artist!

For only 100$ I will draw a portrait of your (or someone else's) face from the shoulders up and send you both a high quality art print (11x14 or 12x18 inches depending on the piece) as well as a high resolution digital file to share or print!

If you've always wanted a personal, unique portrait, then you're in luck, because my books are open for the foreseeable future and I'm ready to draw for you!

There's an initial deposit of $50 and then the remaining $50 when the piece is done.

I work digitally, utilizing my iPad as a drawing tablet and using the painting program Procreate. This is not a photo manipulation but a completely hand drawn digital portrait.

Turn around is one week, plus shipping time.


Larger sizes are available! Message me for pricing options!

Note to UK buyers! All 11" x 14" inch prints will be printed as A3 size (12" x 16.5")

Unfortunately, I can no longer ship to PO Boxes in Canada.